The Center for Brain/Mind Medicine

Patient Support & Skills Programs

Many people benefit from emotional support and learning new skills following the onset of a neurologic condition or cognitive change.  Below we introduce you to programs that are available through the Center for Brain/Mind Medicine (CBMM) and other local and national services.

CBMM Services & Programs

At the CBMM, we strive to fully support the emotional and cognitive health of individuals with neurological conditions.  Through our clinic, we offer supportive and skill-based services as part of a comprehensive care plan. These services include one-on-one and/or family clinical social worker visits and cognitive skills training programs through our RENEW (REsilience through Neurologic and Emotional Wellness) program.


REsilience through Neurologic and Emotional Wellness

The RENEW program offers a range of group-based services, including cognitive skills training, support groups, and general wellness/lifestyle programs.  While there are medical treatments that modify the course of neurologic diseases, the RENEW program recognizes the need for coordinated, interdisciplinary, and psychosocial supportive care to improve the social, physical, and mental aspects of patients’ lives.  Registration is required and health insurance is billed.  Groups are limited to 12 people.

To sign up:
Ask your provider for a referral or email

RENEW Book Club

Once you participate in a RENEW group, you are eligible to join the Book Club.  We read books on the brain, neuroplasticity, and well-being and then meet weekly to discuss one to two chapters.  This is a free community program and is not billed to health insurance. Here are some books we’ve read in past sessions:


Community Support, Information & Referral

This section includes information on community support groups, counseling/coaching, wellness programming, and resources.