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The Weinberg Family

This website was made possible by a generous donation of resources, time, and inspiration from the Weinberg Family Fund.  David Weinberg, a long-devoted caregiver to his wife Louise (who passed away in 2021), has been our advocate as well as an active member of our working group.  His caregiving experience and struggle to feel connected and supported by Louise’s care team following her diagnosis is unfortunately a common story.  He and other families have inspired us to take on the challenge of delivering person-centered care that battles neurologic diseases and dementia with the power of being human together.

Read how Louise’s creativity and neurologic disease took her on an artistic journey in Art From a Mind at Sea by Michael Stanley, MD.


Caregiver Working Group

The heart of this website and other CBMM caregiver projects is our Caregiver Working Group, which formed in 2020 during the COVID pandemic, when it became very clear our families and caregivers needed more.  Through our Caregiver Skills and Wellness Program, we met two extraordinary women: Nancy Cherico and Kathy McDonough.  Both were caregivers to their husbands at different stages along the dementia journey.  Nancy and Kathy have volunteered more than we could ever possibly thank them for: time, energy, knowledge, experience, skill, and an unwavering belief in our group’s mission.  They have taught us more about caregiving than any book or training.  We are so grateful for their willingness to share experiences from home and in the clinic AND for their dedication to improving dementia care, together—as a team.

(Left to Right) Kim Willment, Kathy McDonough, Karin Wannamaker, Nancy Cherico

Web Design, Illustrations, and Editing

Balance Studios – a digital media company, deeply committed to helping clients tell their unique, compelling stories – designed and built the foundation of this website.  Special thanks to Scott, Heidi, Cole, and their team, for being endlessly patient and encouraging.

We are also grateful for two women who are truly gifted in their professions.

Franzi Paetzold is the gifted artist behind our illustrations.  Franzi helped us find the warmth and character we were searching for.  Learn more about Franzi at her website:

Brett Warren is a long-time editor and the author of a full-length poetry collection, The Map of Unseen Things (Pine Row Press, 2023), which includes poetry about her ten years as caregiver for her parents, who both developed neurologic disease/dementia, one from a Traumatic Brain Injury.  Brett’s website is