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How to Apply for The RIDE

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To Start the Process:

  1. Contact The RIDE Eligibility Center at (617) 337-2727, or email to schedule an eligibility phone interview.
  2. The RIDE Eligibility Center will contact the listed healthcare provider after the interview to verify disability as needed.
  3. Most applicants hear back within two to three business days.  If an application needs follow-up, it may take longer.

If the eligibility decision is not made within 21 days of completing the application process, applicants will be able to use The RIDE until a decision is made.  Contact the Eligibility Center with any questions.

Eligibility decisions can be appealed.  Instructions on how to appeal are included in the decision letter.

Who’s Eligible?

  • People who have a temporary or permanent disability that prevents them from using traditional public transit.
  • For those who have had a medical emergency, a licensed healthcare provider can request 30 days of The RIDE starting immediately.
  • Out-of-town visitors with disabilities may also be eligible to use The RIDE.

After Approval

Those approved can start scheduling trips after they’ve added funds to their RIDE account. Read what to expect on The RIDE for more information.

Upon request, The RIDE Eligibility Center can provide proof of your MBTA ADA Paratransit Eligibility.  This can be used for paratransit services when traveling outside of the Boston area.

RIDE customers must occasionally recertify their ADA status.  Customers will receive a reminder in the mail before eligibility is set to expire.

Learn more about The RIDE by clicking here: