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How to Apply for MassHealth

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If you need health or dental coverage and help paying for it, you may want to check your eligibility for MassHealth insurance.  For certain waivers, benefits may include in-home care services, medical supplies, or adult day health program costs.


Basic Requirements for Coverage

Residency: You must live in Massachusetts or intend to reside in Massachusetts, with or without a fixed address, or have entered Massachusetts with a job commitment or seeking employment.  You do not meet residency requirements for MassHealth if you are visiting Massachusetts for personal pleasure or to receive medical care in a setting other than a nursing facility.

Financial: You must be financially eligible to qualify for MassHealth.  To determine if you meet the financial requirements, MassHealth will consider your Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) and who is in your household.
For more information on financial guidelines, click here:


Types of MassHealth

MassHealth has different types of coverage based on your age and caregiver status, certain health conditions or disabilities.  Eligibility requirements for people 65 and older and people who need long-term care services include:

  • 65 or older and need personal-care-attendant services to live at home, or
  • 65 or older, disabled, and either working 40 or more hours a month, or currently working and have worked at least 240 hours in the six months immediately before the month of the application, or
  • Not working
  • Living at home and do not need long-term care
  • Living at home and need long-term services and supports under a Home- and Community-Based Services Waiver, or
  • In or waiting to go into a long-term-care facility

For more information about these programs, see the Senior Guide and application for Health Care Coverage by clicking here:

MassHealth phone: (800) 841-2900