The Center for Brain/Mind Medicine

Training & Education

The CBMM offers training and education programs in behavioral neurology, neuropsychiatry, and neuropsychology for students and professionals.

Medical & Graduate Students

The Brigham and Women’s Department of Psychiatry provides education and training in neuropsychiatry for all residents, fellows, and medical students on the psychiatry service.  In addition, it offers more intensive training in neuropsychiatry for those wishing to specialize in the field.

Medical students completing the principal clinical experience at Brigham and Women’s Hospital participate in the Integrative Mind/Brain Medicine curriculum throughout their rotations on neurology, psychiatry, and radiology.  This 12-week course, sponsored by the departments/divisions of neurology, psychiatry, and neuroradiology, focuses on the integration of information and perspectives from the varied medical specialties devoted to the brain, including neurology, psychiatry, neuroradiology, and neurosurgery, with a focus on neuropsychiatry. 

A senior medical student elective in neuropsychiatry is offered. For more information, please contact Gaston Baslet, MD at

Residents participate in numerous didactic sessions devoted to topics in neuropsychiatry.  The PGY-2 year features an introduction and overview of clinical neuropsychiatry and neuroscience; the PGY-3 year involves sessions on individual neuropsychiatric topics with particular relevance to medical psychiatry; and the PGY-4 year features a concentrated module on more advanced topics in neuropsychiatry.  Fellows in Psychosomatic Medicine and Geriatric Psychiatry also participate in didactic sessions on a variety of neuropsychiatric topics.