The Center for Brain/Mind Medicine

Multidisciplinary & Collaborative Care

Behavioral Neurology

Behavioral neurologists integrate neurologic, medical, and neuropsychological information to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan and provide ongoing supportive care for patients with neurodegenerative diseases and neurobehavioral syndromes that impair cognition and function (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, disorders of cognition, memory attention, and language).

Physician Assistants

Alison Pietras PA-C
Michael McCormick PA-C MS


Behavioral Neurology Fellows

Sergio Ramirez-Salazar MD
Michael Stanley MD


Practice Assistants

Jimmy Jean-Laurent



Our leading team of neuropsychiatry clinicians (neuropsychiatrists and neuropsychiatry social workers) has expertise across the full range of brain-mind disorders.  We provide evaluation and treatment for emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and perceptual difficulties in the context of neurologic illness, whether it has already been diagnosed or is an underlying possible cause.  The neuropsychiatric aspects of epilepsy, major neurocognitive disorders, functional neurological disorder, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders, traumatic brain injury, developmental disabilities, and neuroinflammatory conditions are among the areas of sub-specialized focus in our team.  Our neuropsychiatrists also have expertise in neuromodulation therapies, offered through the Center for Brain Circuit Therapeutics.

Geriatric Psychiatry

Our interdisciplinary team serves the needs of older adults with emotional, behavioral, and cognitive symptoms that accompany brain disorders (such as dementia), psychiatric conditions (such as depression, anxiety, and psychotic disorders) and psychosocial challenges in late life (such as caregiver burden and bereavement).  Our multilingual providers have expertise in geriatric neuropsychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, geriatric psychology, and social work.  We are committed to the practice and advancement of evidenced-based treatments across the full range of therapeutic modalities.  We have special expertise in the neuropsychiatry of aging and Alzheimer’s disease, and the relationship of social function to mental, cognitive, and physical health in older adults.


Nancy Donovan MDDirector, Geriatric Psychiatry
Juan Carlos Urizar MD– Clinical Director, Geriatric Psychiatry
Ricardo Salazar MD – Director, MGB Fellowship
Abby Altman PhD
Catherine Gonzalez MD
Ana Hoffman CHW CMI
Soyoung Lee MD
Caroline Bucholz-Somi MSW LICSW

Geriatric Psychiatry Fellows

Anderson Chen MD
Anastasia Samaras MD



Practice Assistants

Oluwatobi Ariyo BA – Program Coordinator
Sabrina Howard MA – Geriatric Psychiatry/Neuropsychiatry Triage




Our neuropsychologists specialize in quantitative assessment of cognitive and psychological functions, which aids in diagnostic accuracy and the development of treatment plans.  We also provide group-based education, skills training, and support/enrichment services to promote recovery and adjustment to neurologic illness/injury.


Mary-Ellen Meadows PhD ABBP Chief, Clinical Director
Pamela Friedman PsyD ABPP – Director, Neuropsychology Internship and Practicum Training
Deborah Green PhD ABPP -Director, Neuropsychology Fellowship Training
Kim Willment PhD ABPP – Co-Director, RENEW Program
Abby Altman PhD Co-Director, RENEW Program
Rebecca Amariglio PhD
Lauren Bolden PhD
Katelyn Bourgea PhD
Margaret O’Connor PhD ABPP
Kathryn Papp PhD
Deepti Putcha PhD ABPP
Dorene Rentz PhD
Gretchen Reynolds PhD
Emma Weizenbaum, PhD
Joseph Kim, PhD
Catherine Munro, PhD


Ysabeau Bernard-Willis
Madeline Eldredge
Esperanza Jimenez
Brandon Sylvain

Neuropsychology Fellows

Caroline Altaras PhD
Courtney Berezuk PhD
Jennifer Nosker PhD
Talia Robinson PhD
Shelby Stohlman PhD


Practice Assistants

Kassandra Anderson – RENEW Program Coordinator
Kayla Delsoin BSHCM – Managed Care Coordinator
Erika DiTomaso – Neuropsychology Coordinator

Social Work

Specializes in psychosocial issues related to neurological conditions and provides patient and family advocacy, supportive counseling, and guidance on resources and long-term planning.


Elizabeth Schneider