By Neil Collins – “I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about 9 years ago. Poetry is apparently available to me forever. This poetry took me 3 hours to write at the public library.”


Love, life, companionship, happiness, joy, faith, belonging

Love finds Life
Companionship finds Happiness
Joy finds its Faith
Belonging Each to Each Other.


My love’s Creation

What God created you with a roar?
Greater than all orchestras
Greater than all sounds of spring —
The wind in trees, rushing water, waves, thunder.
How did he and she together create such newness?

How did I find you?
How was I the one to find you?
How did you see me?

Will we ever have enough of each other?
Will there be enough time?
How long is Infinity?
Thus, a hope for Infinity’s purpose.

I expect we may need an eternity.
We will need an eternity. Yes.
I believe in eternity.

Glad to have met you my dear Barbara.


Thoughts on Alzheimer’s:

Basically, I often cannot remember
Whatever has just happened.
It can sadden me.
I get used to it.
Breathe in, breath out,
Enjoy the breathing, seeing, hearing.
Enjoy your heart’s beat.
You/we made it to being alive, to living.
Enjoy our todays. Our moments. Dear self.

Poetry sometimes just sits down,
and waits outside the door.
Considering the mood
For itself…
For the day.
I ask for help.
“Help yourself” answers today’s grumpy whispery poetry.

… Some friend.