David Weinberg

David Weinberg is a former BWH pathologist who developed a second career in photography. He became a caregiver when his wife, Louise, developed atypical Parkinson’s disease and experienced significant physical and cognitive decline in the last few years of her life. He documented her experiences with Parkinson’s disease and Parkinson’s dementia is a series of photographs in collaboration with Louise. Through her descriptions of her hallucinations, he constructed images that she agreed closely resembled her visual experiences. Her hallucinations typically consisted of passive figures who did not speak or interact with her, faces draped in cloth or stockings, small animals, and children. Although she found these images bothersome, they were generally not frightening. In fact, she found some hallucinations mildly entertaining.

In 2019, they exhibited her artwork and his photographs in a joint show at Galatea Fine Art in Boston, entitled “If You Could See What I See.” Louise died in 2021, and continued to find enjoyment in making art until the very end.