What is a MOLST?

Life-sustaining treatment decisions are often made in emergency situations and having a MOLST (Medical Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment) in place and posted in a visible spot in your home (e.g. refrigerator) can support decision making in an otherwise stressful period. 

Completing a MOLST form may be something your primary care physician(PCP) will present at some point. A MOLST form is a medical document that communicates a person’s decisions about life-sustaining treatments (resuscitation, ventilation, transport to hospital, dialysis, and artificial nutrition & hydration) to their care providers.

Having a discussion with your PCP in advance about the pros and cons of each of these medical interventions can be advantageous when you consider the overall goals of care and quality of life for your person. The MOLST can be completed by the health care proxy if this has been invoked.